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Who are we?

We at Sauce are disrupting the food industry with our innovative hybrid community kitchens concept. We have an innovative technology driven platform to evolve the way communities order and enjoy food. Complementing our platform is a network of self-owned hybird community kitchens.

The new normal

Low touch

Hands free and contactless options are becoming increasingly popular.

Long term shifts

Shifting from brick and mortar businesses to virtual offerings.

Technology adoption

E-commerce is here to stay, virtual brands need new innovative platforms


Delivery app

Our customer facing delivery app has been devised to provide a sleek and easy to use experience. With out mix & match option all brands will be accesible to customers, a unique trait in the market.

Our kitchens

Our kitchens are backed with data-driven technology to increase efficiency in food preparation, consistency and quality as well as reducing wastage.

Our machine

Our machine learning-led system will enable us to extract data analytics to provide real time performance indicators helping us to futher improve our service and offerings

Blockchain adoption

Blockchain adoption allows for the lifecycle of products to be actively tracked to ensure transparency, accountability and traceability.

Chew app

  • Convient
  • Mix & Match concept
  • Single basket check out & delivery
  • Quick & guaranteed

Data strategy

  1. 1

    Collecting data from multiple streams.

  2. 2

    Data visiualization capabilities for descriptive and predictive reports.

  3. 3

    Artificial intelligence capabilities assist

    • Inventory optimization

    • Personal customer promotions

    • Kitchen technology R&D

  4. 4

    Artificial intelligence capabilities assist

Find a community kitchen near you !

  • Abu Dhabi
  • Sharjah
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Egypt


Dark kitchens in targeted communities go where the people are – speed and convenience

Creating brands with no physical infrastructure in new kitchens

Online presence through food aggregators or on virtual food malls

Deliveries facilitated by splitting between our own drivers fleet and 3rd party aggregators

Drive sales and cost efficiencies

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